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About Astraèa & Co.

|products made with life in mind


Conscious Luxury


Astraèa & Co is an eco conscious wellness lifestyle company dedicated to bringing you healthy, honest and sustainable products.

It is our mission to enhance the health of your bodies and the environment that surrounds them.

From seed to soul      | Redefining luxury as the perfect collaboration with Mother Earth.


/ Who we are

Astraèa & Co is a hemp wellness brand bringing you artisanal products that uplift your mind, body, and space. 


As an eco-conscious company, we are dedicated to bringing you healthy, honest, and sustainable products. Woman-owned and family-operated, Astraèa & Co offers a range of functional beauty, wellness, and lifestyle products that are ethically and mindfully made. 


Care, inclusivity, and sustainability are at the heart of our values. As such, we focus on creating premium products that are good for our bodies, our fellow humans, and our environment.

Eco-Conscious | Woman Owned | Family Operated | Small Business
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/ Our Values

We are Astraea & Co. Purity, justice and precision.


According to Greek mythology, Astraèa was the goddess of purity, justice, and precision. The last immortal to live with humans during the Golden Age, she later ascended to the heavens to become the Virgo constellation. Named after this Greek goddess of innocence, Astraèa & Co aims to embody all her values in every product we offer.

Purity | We only create products that are produced without toxic ingredients that could harm our bodies or our planet.

Justice | We only offer ethically made, cruelty-free, eco-friendly products, created in a way that elevates the welfare of the environment, animals, and humans.

Precision | Excellence and quality are at the heart of our company. Our products are mindfully created with attention to detail, resulting in products that are nothing short of premium.

At Astraèa & Co we believe ethical products shouldn’t compromise on quality. In fact, we know that eco-consciousness and luxury can coexist — they do so in nature, and in our products.

/ Our Promise

Clean Ethical Ingredients


Eco-Conscious Sustainable Methodologies


Carbon Neutral Shipping


One Tree Planted for every product sold


1% Donated to Charities in Need (Astraèa Foundation)


Sustainable Packaging

Learn More about our Sustainability Journey

/ Clean & Green

We’re dedicated to creating “clean,” mindfully created products. This means that we focus on products and packaging with ingredients that are ethically sourced, cruelty-free, environmentally sustainable, and produced without any toxic or harmful ingredients. 

Astraèa & Co strives to create products that are: 

  • Organic

  • Responsibly-sourced

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Plant Based Ingredients*

  • Vegan*

  • Cruelty-free

  • Silicone-free

  • Paraben-free

  • Phthalate-free

  • Guilt-free

Read About Our Sustainability Initiatives

*All products are made with vegan, plant based ingredients except for our Balance Soft Gels and Premium Dog Chews. We are working towards a 100% plant-based future!

Clean Definition

/ Hemp at the Core



Keeping our values in mind, we’ve created a range of luxury hemp wellness products.


The Cannabis sativa plant has been cultivated throughout recorded history. This versatile, water-wise plant is a source of cannabinoids, which mimic chemical compounds naturally produced by your body.


Infused with cannabinoids derived from sustainably-grown hemp, our product range embodies both quality and eco-conscious, ethical practices.

/ Where Ethics Meet Luxury

Purity   |   Clean Ingredients

Honesty   |   Transparency

Innovation   |   Collaboration

Wellness   |   Mind. Body. Soul

Sustainability   |   Eco-Consciousness

Inclusivity   |   Social Equity

/ Astraea & Co

Conscious Luxury

Meet The Founders

Astraèa & Co Founders

"We have molded our history and visions together to create Astraèa & Co., an eco conscious wellness community and brand dedicated to enhancing your bodies and the environment that surrounds them."

-Tamar and Christopher

(Wife & Husband Duo)

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Meet The Team
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